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Our team works with individual and corporate clients and will work as part of a team with other consultants on related projects.

Karen St. Cyr (B.Ed., M.Ed) Owner of KAPA Career Consulting Inc, has been involved in career development since 1997 changing work experience to career experience and has worked as a teacher, career coordinator, career counselor and district career consultant with Edmonton Public Schools.  

Karen has worked with apprenticeship programs connecting the right students to the right employers as participants in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and in the area of health services working with employers, teachers, students and parents as a Field Director/Project Manager with CAREERS The Next Generation.  

Presently Karen’s main focus is working with individual clients in career planning and portfolio development. Other involvements include: off-campus programs and career planning programs with Edmonton area schools and as a facilitator/trainer for Career Cruising workshops in Western Canada and the Maritimes.
Paul St. Cyr (B.Ed., M.Ed.), Consultant KAPA Career Consulting Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge and success as a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, and principal with remarkable experience in a bilingual (French/English) environment within Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Presently Paul works in the area of apprenticeship with employers, students, teachers and parents as a field director with CAREERS The Next Generation and also works as a bilingual facilitator/trainer for Career Cruising in Western Canada and the Maritimes.